Borghi, Palazzi e Castelli Festival 13th edition

The Borghi, Palazzi e Castelli in Musica Festival returns to Bergamo for its 13th edition, under the artistic direction of Damiana Natali, in collaboration with Guja Ajolfi.
The Festival enhances the territory and discovers 3 interesting local places. This year the focus is on the Upper and Lower city for a special and unconventional trip.
Orchestra Director Damiana Natali will take part in the discovery of Villa Grismondi Finardi on Sunday 19 September 2021, at 5.30 pm.

Music will be the main topic in Damiana Natali’s speech at Villa Grismondi Finardi: a personal dialogue with the public between music and emotions. The Conductor Damiana Natali, with the artist and designer Guja Ajolfi, weaves a dialogue of stories related to the visit and stay of composers in these place.
Villa Grismondi Finardi is a residence rich of history and welcoming for composers and musicians like Amilcare Ponchielli. Students such as Giacomo Puccini, Pietro Mascagni, Marco Enrico Bossi, Giovanni Tebaldini, Ettore Pozzoli and Giulio Buzenac passed through his course of composition at the Milan Conservatory. In the second half of the 19th century, he was the Chapel Master of the S. Maria Maggiore Cathedral in Bergamo. Music is listened to and narrated through the eyes of the artist and conductor, of the composer who takes inspiration from places, history, art and nature, from what surrounds him. In this phase of creation and constitution of the musical score, the Palaces and Historic Houses become an integral part of it, theaters in which the primordial idea is born, places to be respected, living and conserving. Ambassador of beauty and the ethics of music, Damiana Natali is a testimony of creativity and innovative creation like the formulas of Bottega di LungaVita for over 30 years specializing in the production of cosmetics and natural supplements for well-being and health. Known and renowned brand produced by the O.F.I. Officine Farmaceutiche Italiana, promoter of exporting the famous “Made in Italy” and the sought after “Italian Style” all over the world.


You can book your place to the “Discovery of the Villa Grismondi Finardi with the conductor Damiana Natali” you have to send an email to Entrance with contribution on site or by presenting the payment receipt.

Green Pass required to access | Limited places | Contribution € 10 – Free for Under 14s accompanied

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Damiana Natali

Damiana Natali is an inspiring, talented and powerful persona on the italian music scene She is passionate about her innovative approach to music, the orchestra and the audience

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