Music and Poetry

An event dedicated to music, to tales, and to poetry, together with Damiana Natali as pianist and composer. Alberto Nessi was the poet and Angelo Maurizio Mapelli the writer. It was an evening conducted by many hands almost as in a play where poetry and original tales of the writer were at times intertwined with piano compositions written for this precise event. A journey “Without Boundaries” of space, time, and inspiration precisely like the musical piece composed by Damiana Natali and dedicated to Nino Rota. The concert took place in the splendid Palazzo Colleoni of Cortenuova in the Province of Bergamo. This superb location is a patronal construction which was once the residence of Count Colleoni and built by the famous architect Filippo Alessandri during the second half of the seventeenth century. The grand central room has a magnificent fresco on its ceiling depicting the Aurora and was painted by Francesco Domeneghini who is also the author of the same subject on the ceiling of the Teatro Donizetti.

Damiana Natali

Damiana Natali is an inspiring, talented and powerful persona on the italian music scene She is passionate about her innovative approach to music, the orchestra and the audience

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